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Sweetbites Flow pack 20g, 2 marvellous bites available on all flavors…



Marvellous serving SweetBites, by Chef Yannis Zografos, Μοnaco…



Stockholm & Berlin, 1st Detrop & Oenos 2017 Roadshow,

by Places and Flavors, delicious Menus closing with SweetBites.

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SweetBites@Berlin 7-8 Nov.

SweetBites@Stockholm 10-11 Nov.

With Detrop by Places & Flavors Roadshow.


When you get stars as feedback from Chefs, you know you are on the right way…


As promised we are working on our challenge. SweetBites Chestnut flavored. Today I was there to check on the real thing, what we will use. The amount of mushrooms I saw on the ground and the little fellow to the photo gave me a small confirmation that it’s all Bio but we will have to wait for the analysis.

Enjoy some of my photos…14455862_10210995650755046_1029862684_o14456860_10210995499711270_331156350_o14513684_10210995468030478_800764950_o


As promished by SwetBites team another big challenge is allredy here….


more coming soon …


Dear followers, SweetBites team is working on the next 4 delicious flavors as promised starting with a real challenge using always the best out of Greece…

Stay tuned…


After all, the biggest thank you to all of you from 75 countries, that shared their time with me and saw what is behind SweetBites project, felt the inspiration, tasted and left the real feedback I was there for, and took a box or our 4 starting flavors free or charged to bring back to your countries and share them with beloved friends. Then maybe you can plan your own sugar and stevia on the way (Peter Masterchef from Tel Aviv got me there), journey based on my SweetBites. My dearest friends, remember that this a journey with the option to take with you all those you want to. Me and my team will always be there to support you the best possible way but I am sure that you already know that cause I was there for you to share an inside part of me. That was the only place on earth 1 hour away from my house and my 3 kids family that I could in person meet all of you and get the real feedback from what I have designed for all you without profit as the first and main target. That feedback was the point for me among with the low prices we designed together at my start up party!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. To the box is what you need to find me even just for coffee, sometime. It’s still again up to you cause as you saw there, nothing was pictured, taped or written down from me.
You and me only have it…



 Find all 4 starting Sweetbites flavors at our startup party (click)…

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