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AJP Global Support Services Ltd. was established in November 2015 by Alexander John Pratos, as the “bridge” company between high quality Greek producers that seek to find premium consumers for their premium products in the global market. The company through a wide range of carefully chosen selling areas of premium products, leads every unique product to a unique market according to the production possibilities and each product’s own unique characteristics.

Working together as a team with the producers, AJPGSS supports, consults and advises them whenever needed in every stage of the process to achieve the best possible outcome. As a result, AJPGSS and producers are making strong business bonds, focused on the final excellent result.

All chosen products are naturally produced and analysed to demonstrate their own unique characteristics. That is why all our products are preferred and recommended by highly demanding consumers.

AJPGSS is there to make sure that everyone involved is fully satisfied and receives outstanding services.

The secret of our success is that all our products are made by the best combination of quality, price and people involved. We are there to make sure that they are properly sold at reasonable prices. This way, even the most demanding consumer is a fully satisfied without paying a fortune.

Working with us means fully sharing our strong belief that only by working together we can go further…

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